our story:

the frog and flute launched on june 1st 2020 with a goal of helping turn imagination into reality.

My name is danny simm, I am 23 years old,  i live and breathe D&D.

during the 2020 pandemic, i found myself out of work, bored with no direction and not in a healthy place of mind.
The only way to get out of this cycle was to double down on the passion that saved my imagination. 

the frog & flute was born to offer cheaper prices and increased accessibility to the independent dice market, thus removing the barriers between an idea for a character in your head, to carrying out their actions whilst sat at the table, with your friends, rolling your new dice. 

looking forward into 2021, we hope to expand further into the d&d world and continue our mission to be more than just a dice store for the amazing community of d&D players worldwide.

if you have any questions, concerns, or just fancy a chat about D&d

you can always email me at thefrogandflute@gmail.com

all the best,


the frog & flute